Why Join A New Hampshire B.A.S.S. Nation Club?

Protecting Your Rights To Fish…

New Hampshire and the rest of the nation is and will be facing several issues affecting our rights to fish recreational and competitively. Proposed bills like the ban on certain lead weights, rubber lures, hooks is just the beginning. As angler we need to take a stand on our heritage and protect them for us and the future anglers. The NH B.A.S.S. Nation is actively involved in our local government and the issues we face and we welcome you to join our organization to show support for everyone’s right to fish.

Why join a fishing club?

Joining a fishing club can help you refine your skills.

One day we were flipping through the channels on the TV and saw the The Bassmasters. From there we logged onto Bassmaster.com and had our first look at this whole new world of fishing. We immediately became members. We read every book and article and watched every video we could get our hands on. We also subscribed to every fishing magazine that came our way. We spent the entire winter learning as much as possible about bass fishing. We also spent the winter upgrading our equipment to better compliment all of the new tips and techniques we were learning about. We replaced our small fishing boat with a used bass boat so we could start fishing bigger bodies of water. Read more on Bassmaster.com

What’s Needed To Join A NH B.A.S.S. Nation Club

If you have a passion for fishing, learning, teaching, or even volunteering for the sport you love…

• First check out the list of clubs in New Hampshire to see which one fits your travel needs and preferences.

• Contact the club through the clubs web site, e-mail or phone number if listed in the clubs information.

• If you prefer you may contact an officer of the NH B.A.S.S. Nation to assist you in your search for a club or to start your own club.

• Before becoming a member of any of the clubs listed on this site you should be subscribed to Bassmaster Magazine to receive your B.A.S.S. membership number. This number will be used to sign you up in a club.

• Once you find a club you will need to pay annual dues to the NH B.A.S.S. Nation and to B.A.S.S. These dues will be collected from the club you join and are $60 for the two dues, club dues may also be asked of you.

• You do not need to own a boat to join a club. Potential new members with tournament ready boats or co-anglers, anglers without boats, are all welcome to join.

• The will to be part of an organization that encourages the education and camaraderie of anglers through friendly competitive events, meetings, and club functions.


Enjoy cool benefits and discounts from our sponsors

As a member you’ll be part of a group that receives special discounts from our state and national sponsors.